Incomplete Education : Part 2 Thanks for various inputs I have received on the earlier article on the subject. The key points are: Courses on “art of living” should be introduced from early school levels In olden times, there was this concept of “vidya” against the modern day “education”. “Vidya“ covered all important aspects of […]

Incomplete Education Formal education aims to prepare an individual to stand on her own feet in her adulthood . In a way the education system has been reasonably successful . The system has generated engineers, doctors, scientists, artists, lawyers, mathematicians , managers, mechanics,  plumbers, fitters, wiremen…the list is long. They have been able to earn […]

  What is contentment? Well, it is a mental state of comfort..of peace…of no disturbance…of no agitation…no anger…no irritation!! We all desire contentment. We all have felt contented at some points in time…like when we have passed a major exam..we have got a coveted promotion…we bought a nice car…purchased a lovely home…the list goes on… […]