Thesaurus says….

Sparkle is energy…

Sparkle is effervescence…

Sparkle is enthusiasm…

Sparkle is gusto…

And it also says  a sparkle signifies Life..(chaitanya)

Yes ..we want to talk about Life

Topics that enlighten us on  Life

An understanding that brings enthusiasm

A spark of thought that generates energy

A flash that triggers an ‘aha…’ moment!!

As I move on this journey,

I invite readers at large

To bring their own spark.. their own energy ….their own enthusiasm

As we together march

Towards a meaningful understanding of

What we call


10 thoughts on “Sparkle

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      thanks for adding more meaning to “Sparkle” ..all of which add to the canvas that i wish to cover ..together with enlightened friends like you !

      thanks for enlarging the perspective !

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      so true!

      this evolution is very much internal to the soul and as such only a discerning person can decipher that !

      thanks for your comments!

  1. vikas shirodkar says:

    Welcome to the blogging community
    You have seen so much in life that your insights and guideliens will be of great value to all your readers
    You are one of the persons who has the Midas touch of transmuting to gold whatever you touch.
    Greatly look FW to your blogs

    I love the introductory blog
    it does excite the reader
    and am sure like me others will be keenly awaiting your next pennings

    Continue to Sparkle my friend
    and bring effervescence and light to all of us

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      VS: thank you so much for your very encouraging comments!

      I must say that i got inspired by some of the brilliant pieces i saw on your blog! (though i could respond to only a few of them)

      Looking forward to your inputs on this journey

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      in today’s world of quick whatsup messages, and “auto correcting apps” typos have become a very acceptable part of life!..much to the laments of the “Purists”!!

  2. Suresh Ogale says:

    Well begun is half done, they say n you are master thinker.
    Life presents itself different hues.
    Let me be the faithful reader of all the blogs to come.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thank you very much Suresh. Your message is very encouraging ..and so nice to know that you will be the regular reader ..and surely an important contributor too

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