Be Positive…why?

“Be Positive”…Why?? 

These days it has become fashionable to advise: Be Positive…have positive thoughts…don’t think negative..!

I thought of exploring this  further

Why positive.. when we see so much negativity all around? Are we running away from reality? 

When I looked at my own ‘internal’ dynamics  over years..and over different situations , I started seeing the merits of  following assertions:  

  • Positive thoughts generate mental energy, Negative thoughts deplete our energy
  • Positive thoughts build enthusiasm, Negative thoughts puts us in despair
  • Positive thoughts inspire and motivate people around while Negative thoughts generate cynicism.
  • Positive approach leads to creative solutions to a problem while a disturbed mind under Negative thoughts will only show confusion
  • Healthy mind with Positive thoughts lead to healthy body.

We have seen people dancing tirelessly in a Garba/rock  or  a Bhangra event. Can you imagine them doing so if their thoughts are negative at that time?  Well, those under a strong influence of negative thoughts will not even go for such events! They would prefer to stay aloof.

Often, we may neither be thinking Negative, nor Positive! What we may be thinking at these times could be termed as “Waste”.  It is important to take lessons from the past or to plan for future. If we, however, keep brooding over what happened in the past  or keep worrying about future without planning , we are only wasting our thought energy.

Let us look at it this way: the starting point of any action is a thought. If I use my thoughts towards achieving my life goals, the thought will take me forward. If I allow my mind to just think at random , whatever comes to my mind, I am wasting that very important resource of mine

 Perhaps we can say that :

Efficiency of Mind = No of Useful ThoughtsX 100 / No of Total Thoughts                                  

Hence it is important for us to increase the numerator and reduce the denominator. In other words, increase the Positive/Useful thoughts and reduce the Negative and waste thoughts.  

But how to follow this requirment all the time?…or at least ,most of the time?

For this , we need to look at the fundamental question:

“ How thoughts are generated in our mind?”

I intend to take this up next….


6 thoughts on “Be Positive…why?

  1. vikasshirodkar says:

    you have taken up an important topic. Truly negativity is sapping of energy and positivity helps you channel and propel forward. I love your concept of “thought energy” and it is indeed an initiator of all that we do/all that happens in our lives. How do we do it efficiently and well is the struggle. Your formula makes one think. And underlines the importance of Meditation by which we can significantly reduce the denominator in the equation. Thanks for sharing sir. Look FW to the next one when you will tackle the fundamental question… Keep these blogs coming Regards, vikas

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Vikas. You have grasped the heart of the matter pretty accurately. Yes, the topic is indeed important. ‘A thought’ being the starting point of all our endeavors is too simple a proposition to be normally taken as anything new. When the real significance of this strikes us, it is just like awakening least that is how i had felt.

  2. Abhijit Ray says:

    Very true! Thoughts determine our feelings and eventually become our actions. My experience is that a positive mindset is self generating… If one has mostly positive thoughts (high efficiency), they don’t allow negative thoughts to stay back for long.
    Very useful article.. please keep writing sir!

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Abhijit !

      You are so right..cumulative effect of thoughts do determine out feelings..and eventually lead to actions. Of course, not all thoughts are put in to action. We have a filter which prevents some thoughts from proceeding to action. We will see this aspect a little later.

      Thanks again for your encouraging words.

  3. Avinash Sankholkar says:

    Is Positive Attitude a subset of Positive Thought or vice versa? IMO Positive Attitude is the source from which Positive Thought flows and through it positive action! Another question that comes to mind is , whether such positivity in an individual is a genetically determined factor or is it cultivated? My view is that its cultivated by the environment the individual has been subjected to over his life span!

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Avinash for your ‘thought provoking ‘ questions!
      i agree with you: Positive thoughts actually follow from a Positive attitude. The attitude is determined by the state of the mind at a given point in time. We will have an opportunity to deal with this aspect in a greater detail as we move on.

      You are again right that the positivity is cultivated by the one factor.In many cases, it is I myself, who can CHOOSE to live in a particular environmental an adult. A student can decide to be amongst the studious/meritorious classmates ..or with those who bunk classes!

      Thanks again Avinash for your interesting observations

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