Thought Factory

 Thought Factory

As we saw in the previous article, there are a  number of benefits of thinking Positive.

The question is : how to make sure that we always think Positive?

This takes us to the deeper question: How are Thoughts generated?

What do we normally think about? Are the thoughts “auto-generated”? Do we choose our thoughts? What really happens in our mind?

Well, it looks as if our mind is like a thought generating continuously ‘manufactures’ thoughts. No lunch break/ No tea break/ No holidays/ No strikes….

And what are the “raw materials”(RMs) entering this ‘factory’?

The  RMs are provided in a variety of ways:

  1. What we absorb through eyes:
  • What we see…. people and situations around us, TV serials, News Channels, Movies, drama…
  • What we read… books, novels, biographies, Newspapers …
  • Social media ..whatsup messages …
  1. What we imbibe through ears:
  • Conversations with family; with colleagues, friends, neighbors; with Boss, with strangers…the list goes on..
  • Radio, music, concerts….

3.The factory also has its own huge inventory!:

  • Recordings of the Past Events
  • Interactions having strong impact on our mind
  • Our “Sanskars” ..our personality…the cumulative impressions on our mind of all that has happened in our life so far (or even past life!!)

Complex processing of the above inputs generates thoughts as the “products”.

The next question: do we have a quality control function in this factory?

  • Do we check the quality of these inputs?
  • Do we check the quality of the “products”..the thoughts?

In absence of any Quality check, we tend to allow any kind of input, including garbage in to our mind.

Can we still expect Positive thoughts as an output?

To ensure Positivity, we need to make sure that

  • We will allow only those inputs, which generate Positive thoughts.
  • We will avoid all inputs that can generate negative thoughts.

Is it difficult?

Why not try?

The incentive in trying is huge! We have talked about  all the benefits of the Positive Thinking  last time!…..So ..let us try this change!






5 thoughts on “Thought Factory

  1. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    JL very good input on how we think and what creates the traps of negativity. Practical simple ideas. Easily implementable if we consciously do it in a disciplined manner. Thanks boss, you have one convert who will try with sincerity and dedication.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      one more point.. i had thought of a longer title . Based on our talks about the link format , i took your advice and settled for a short one!

  2. Jagdish Shah
    Jagdish Shah says:

    Thanks VS for saying this ! it is indeed gratifying!
    Finally , all of us are sailing in the same boat. By any stretch ,i cannot say that i am always able to follow what i have suggested. But yes, sincere efforts are made..most of the time ..and one can see the benefit . The idea here is to share /exchange our experience , talk about the practical issues we face and help each other in the journey.

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