Goodbye Atalji

Goodbye to Atalji ….Not to his values!!

The Nation saw an unprecedented outpour of emotions on the passing away of the former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

In today’s world , good work done by anyone  is usually  forgotten very soon. No one cares for what you did yesterday or day before.

In this situation , what explains so much love , respect and affection for some one who was not active at all for almost a decade?

If one reflects on this aspect, one realizes that it is the set of values that Atalji followed through his long public life that has made him so popular.

He had genuine Love for the country and the countrymen. He was prepared to give his life for the upliftment of the people

He was very compassionate.

His humility, despite holding the highest position in the county was legendary. He was easily approachable.

He had respect for every one.  He was treating leaders from opposing parties with genuine esteem unknown in the polity of today.

He  had a great power of judgment. He could easily spot a talent and put him/her to good use.

He was accommodative.  He carefully listened to every one’s views and incorporated changes in his approach, as required.  He had friends across the political divide  and could ensure their support in resolving  crucial disputes.

He was honest to the core. No corruption charge or any such muck would ever stick to this lotus like personality.

He was fearless and  took bold decisions for the benefit of the nation.

While he did his best when he won an election, he could detach himself easily in events of losing and was ready to restart with full enthusiasm. He was not attached to a chair of power. He had no greed.

He was very creative. He had a heart of a poet with human sensitivities.

Well, these are the qualities which every one values. This is because these are the qualities lying deep within each one of us. While we are not able to follow these values all the time, there is a natural liking for some one who is able to follow them , more so  in trying situations. Such a character finds resonance with the values inherent in our souls. And that is what creates this feeling of respect , love and admiration for the  person.

We can take an important lesson from Atalji’s inspiring life:

While rarely anyone can reach his levels, if we make our best efforts to follow at least some of these values in our daily life, we can create a small world  around us which is peaceful , loveful and harmonious.

All of us have these qualities deep within us. We have to make some efforts to bring them out in our interactions.

That will be the true “shraddhanjali “  to our beloved Atalji !!

Let us say Goodbye to Atalji…not to his values!!!











4 thoughts on “Goodbye Atalji

  1. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    JL you have captured the essence of the Man Atal very well. He lived these values and was a role model as he walked through all challenges. Lot to learn from this towering personality. True shraddhanjali would indeed be to live his values.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Vikas.While we all have been fortunate to see him in action during our younger days, the outpour of eulogies in the aftermath of his demise told us that he was much more than what we knew about him. We also came to know how deeply he had impacted the hearts and minds of so many people ..having diverse view points.

      Truly a remarkable man!

  2. Avinash Sankholkar says:

    Atalji was a man with a large 💓 heart and a great consensus builder! His speeches full of poetic verses are legendary. His characteristic pause , intended to make his words sink in , into each of the audience member’s minds was awesome!

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      True Avinash.
      We all have been fortunate to see him in action..and still we are surprised by the outpour of emotions from all quarters.
      it looks ,it is impossible to get a replacement!

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