A loveful bond for protection from evils

It is a common knowledge that communications get distorted over time. We see this happening in our daily lives. What would then happen to the messages that are passed over centuries and generations? The purpose of celebrating various religious festivals needs to be understood for their original intent in this light.

Consider Rakshabandhan. “Raksha” is protection. In our current understanding , this is all about a brother committing to protect his sister under all circumstances, in exchange of the brother expressing his ‘brotherly love’ for the sister, sought to be expressed through a gift or “Vir Pasali”.

Let us be real:

  • Can the brother indeed guarantee protection to his sister?
  • Did “Nirbhaya” (or any such rape victim) not tie Rakhi on the previous Rakshabandahn day to her brother? Did her brother not commit, at least symbolically , to protect his sister from all possible dangers?
  • Do only sisters need protection? What about the unsafe world that every one , including all males also face today? Who will protect them?
  • Who can guarantee protection to any one in today’s world..other than God Himself?

This is what gives clue to the real significance of Rakshabandhan :

  • It is a reminder that God or the Supreme Soul (Param Atma) Himself guarantees protection from evils to all his children..the Souls (Atmans). It is He alone who can do this.
  • He does so in return of the Souls expressing brotherly love for all His children, (the Souls or Atmans ) irrespective of gender. This also implies shunning hate and other forms of negativity towards one another.
  • The “tilak” applied on the forehead of the brother is meant to recognize the person as a Soul. The forehead is the seat of the Soul.
  • The sweet the sister offers to the brother represents the joy that a Soul gets out of being under the secure canopy of God’s love , once the Soul renounces the negativity.

In order to represent the pure and vice-less love that the Supreme has for His children; the ritual has set-in involving a brother and a sister!

Indeed, Rakhi tied on this day rekindles the spirit of brotherhood binding all in one pure bond of Divine Love.

Let us understand the real significance of this important festival , remain under the safe canopy of the Supreme in whatever form one believes and pray to Him for our safety in the increasingly hostile and unsafe world !!

Wish you all a happy Rakshabandhan!!










2 thoughts on “Rakshabandhan

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks VS. This is the case with most of the rituals that we follow.if we look at the logic and also study some of the mythological aspects, the reasoning for a ritual and its message for life becomes very clear.
      In our formative years, we had a lot of friends ..but had never heard of a “Friendship Day”. Suddenly we find that people have started celebrating it in a variety of ways. God knows what shape this festival will take in a few decades!! We can see this change happening in front of us. What to say about something being celebrated for hundreds , if not thousands of years!

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