Self Respect

Self Respect

A news item in TOI this week was indeed shocking:  a Powai based businessman ,aged  43 ,died in just about 50 hours after a hair transplant! He had paid Rs 5 lacs for the procedure.  The man is survived by his wife and three children , aged between 12 and 18 years.

Hair transplant is a surgical process that involves removal of hair follicles from any part of the body and planting on the bald area.

The question is why ….why people go to take extreme measures to “look good”?

Look at this person: What did he not have in life? A good business, nice family, 3 loving children, a house in a renowned society in Powai….and  many more years of life progress further and enjoy!

Disregarding all this, what seems to have bothered him most appears to be the bald  head. The meaning I draw is that despite everything that he had , internally he was not a happy person.. not a satisfied person.. When he looked at his face in the mirror, he must have always felt very very low!

To a varying degree , such feeling of low self esteem is quite common.  A bald head, greying hair,  black skin , spectacled eyes etc are no reflection of the strength and the qualities I have inside me.  Once I develop this sense of “self-worth” or “self respect “, these factors will never bother my sense of well being  or my interactions in the society.

One cannot expect every aspect of life going his/her way. There will always be some part of life, which may not be too comforting. Should that shake one’s self respect to this level?

Look at the TV host Bharati Singh… At  first sight , who would say that she can be such a popular TV host?  She confidently disregarded her handicap with respect to the heavy body and decided to move on. Once she did that , all her internal abilities started blossoming . She began receiving great recognition and loud applause for her  witty performance.

Whenever we feel vulnerable ‘outside’, there is need to see ourselves ‘inside’. We will find a treasure of qualities and abilities waiting to come out! Once we learn to rely on our inside, the outside (like how good I look , how expensive clothes I wear, what car I drive etc etc  ) will cease to matter.  We will not unnecessarily invite troubles, like this unfortunate businessman did!

It is not that good clothes, a nice car or a great house are not important. The point to realize is that once we start playing on the basis of our Inner Strength, these things a shadow. Bharti Singh, being able to charge Rs 7 lacs /episode is a case in point.

This aspect , of giving greater attention to the ‘inside ‘ needs to be imbibed in to the psyche of our children from younger age, so that they do not fall prey to the plethora of “outside’ attractions .

10 thoughts on “Self Respect

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks SMP. I feel every one certainly has some uniqueness or talent. It is the question of taking the effort to go ‘inside’ and find it!

  1. HARISH Guttikar says:

    Sir, what u have written is absolutely happening with many of us in daily life…. It is very much necessary to get all above such things…. Would like to keep receiving your blogs

  2. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    JL very good topic. Don’t know who is Bharti as i never watch TV but understand the drift. Indeed your true value is when you look inside. That value is long term n sustainable, unlike the external trappings which are aani-jaani. Time to introspect

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      yes VS.. U have summarised it succinctly .
      I did not imagine that a movie lover like you would not be watching TV.!While i too hardly watch a program except news, i understand this lady has shown exceptional talent.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      So true!

      Finally, Bhagwadgita has answers for all life situations.

      thanks for going through the article and offering this comment.

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