Every year , the 15 th August, apart form the usual celebrations, brings to my mind a moot question: leave aside  the Nation, leave aside the Society, leave aside the I feel and enjoy the Real Independence within me?  Do i always do what i want to do? Do i speak only what i want to speak? Still further…do i think what i believe i should think?

When i seek answers to these questions, the feeling i get is that i am  far away from this ‘Internal Independence'(II) !! And i am sure, many would be in a similar situation.

Perhaps i need to elaborate on what i mean by this Internal Independence (II) :

Deep within ,each of us is full of Positivity ..and Goodness. All of us like Peace and also like to be Loved..because Peace and Love are the basic features of our souls.  Despite this, we are unable to bring them out in majority of our interactions. Often ,what comes out in our communications or actions are the  expressions of distrust, jealousy, dislike ,impatience, greed ..or even hate! This means that my ‘original self’ is not in control !..It is not independent! It becomes dependent on the external situations which impact my thinking and belief systems , even though they may be contrary to my originality of Peace and Love. This often leaves us with a ‘bad taste in mouth’ or with a feeling of discomfort ,after an event.

AI (Artificial Intelligence ) is the buzz word around these days. I am afraid  the AI will further impact my II !!  Will it not  turn it in to  Artificial Independence!!! When i will start acting out of AI, will i not lose the connect with my inner self..and  the soft values of Love and Peace? I have to make sure that even when i use AI, i use it only keeping my Internal Independence alive!

On this day, let us  resolve to work  towards making our Internal Freedom alive and kicking! It will be useful  to guard against the negative influence of the surroundings while welcoming the positives around us ..the positivies that many of our friends and relations bring to us..the positivities which reinforce our own internal state. Let us remain connected to this internal state. This will ensure that we feel in control of ourselves and act in a fashion that brings harmony around us.

Does this sound appealing?






4 thoughts on “Independence

  1. Manishankar baraiya says:

    Sirji ,
    Nicely expressed …soul searching …it gave differant dimension to oneself …thanks for sharing ..

  2. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    JLS congrats on raising a fundamental issue on what is independence. Real independence is difficult for most because of multifarious interdependencies. I owe n expect so much that I have to sacrifice my II as you have titled it.
    While I agree with most of your thesis, I do not get the connection between AI n II. As I see IOT n machine learning and digitisation making progressive inroads into what we do n how we decide, I can at one level understand the impact n influence ofAI on II. But given the vast applications of technology….which we cannot stop….the challenge will be in internalising the AI implications n still retaining your II. Somewhat like the old debate of Determinism n Free Will???

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks VS.
      what you have said towards the end is exactly what i was trying to convey: while we cannot and should not stop the application of technologies..which are often very useful, the challenge will be to still retain one’s originality in approach ..which distinguishes one from the other..the challenge is not to give a ‘machine like response’ the ‘auto reply’ to emails during our holidays..the responses must get a flavour of one’s individuality which is unique..and is the basis of relationship.

      i agree with your observation that real independence is difficult due to multifarious interdependencies. and that is the real challenge. Just think of how NaMo is functioning …he is dependent on so many aspects of the politics, constitution ,rules & regulations etc..but still he has a mind of his own..he keeps treading newer paths..taking bold decisions..based on his own internal conviction. While it is not a perfect example, it gives a flavour of what the II can be.

      it is the question of how much the environment influences you , and how much you ,with your independent thinking , can influence the environment.

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