New Year

New Year……!

Another New Year is arriving!

What is New about a New Year?

What is our past experience?

Had a lot of New Year parties,..cutting cakes ….exchange of greetings….

And soon , the New Year becomes  Old ..

Nothing changes…except the number in the Year!

Is that the way we want another New Year to pass?

Or want to do something REALLY NEW this time? ..Something more permanent… more lasting …more satisfying…

Starting point of all our actions is a THOUGHT!

For the New Year to really bring New and Positive direction to our lives,  the nature of our THOUGHTS has to be New

How do we bring New Thoughts  in the New Year?

Let us  have


Yaaar…….a New friend to guide me ,to advise me, to keep me on track

Eyes and Ears…to see the right things, to hear the right messages

Approach….to old problems ,to be creative, open to new ideas

Readings… learn unexplored aspects of life 

Let us all resolve:

“ I want to be a better person , a more satisfied person, a more enlightened person, a more helpful person”

I will endeavor to direct all my THOUGHTS  and ACTIONS in this direction.

Wish you all  a very Happy New Year..! 

A year wherein we all end up doing something really new, something which we have always wanted to do ..but have not been able to do!

That will really make us Happy!









6 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Bharat Desai says:

    Jagdishbhai it brings Hope every year and that is the driving force for striving to happen everything good in once life.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      i agree Bharatbhai! Hope is Nikhilbhai also has put it.

      We need to ,however, try and show some resolve to convert that potential in to reality.

      thanks for your response!

  2. Nikhil says:

    Wish you and all our friends a Happy & New year , as you so aptly put it.

    All of us live on hope which is eternal..while it is ravaged by diqieting times the flame of hope survives. Blogs like yours adds to the strength.

    As all of us aspire.. let us all bank on & believe in the ” Power of Now” as we await times to come.

  3. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    Beautiful new exposition of YEAR….indeed we require naye purane Yaar, fresh Eyes n Ears, Approach n Readings to make the best of the new oppurtunity knowing at our doors in the shape of 2020.
    You make very good points in a simple, direct manner and am sure your readers will be charged positively to move forward.
    This blog truly is a third eye opening solution….doing full justice to your site name.
    Thanks JL for inspiring us with your thoughts expressed to nicely that indeed touch the heart

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