Conquering Corona

Winning over Corona

We know that many new gadgets and devices have in -built capability of auto- diagnosis in case of some faults . Higher level devices also have ability to carry on their own repair work, without our intervention!

Human being is an exceptionally ‘high end device’. We know how ‘self healing’ takes place in so many different situations. If blood starts oozing out from a cut, in no time  special cells called neutrophils are called in to help. They attract other immune cells and help trap invaders. During this inflammatory phase, the body stops blood loss by clotting the blood and reducing blood flow. In parallel,  cells called fibroblasts provide the building materials, to repair the tissue.

We also know  about  how  collateral vessels are  formed naturally to provide alternate route to supply blood to the heart ,in case of blockage of the main arteries.

The body also has a strong immune system , which generally fights against the ‘outside’ attacks.

All these are the manifestations of the “Life Force” that operates and controls our body.

The immune system and the auto-repair processes work best when the Life Force is allowed to perform its function in its natural way. The functioning of this Force is determined by our “State of Mind”  which in turn is affected by our thought process . When the thought process is Positive, the mind is “cool” and allows the Life Force to function in an uninterrupted way. On the contrary , when we are in a state of anxiety or fear, the nervousness interferes in the repair process and reduces the chance of natural recovery or self healing.

The key is to remain Positive and Cool !

It is ,of course, easier said than done..especially, when we are facing challenges of the kind that the world is facing today.

Every one is in the grip of fear , about what will happen to him/her if one is faced with an  infection by the Corona virus. This fear takes away the positivity , affects the immunity and exaggerates the problem.

On the face of it,  the challenge is to save ourselves from the virus. The DEEPER CHALLEGE, however , is to remain Positive and Cool.

How do we do that?

Each one of us can deploy different methods to do this:

·      Listen to music and songs of liking

·      Sing and even dance

·      See entertaining programs

·      Chatting/conversing with friends in a relaxed way

·      Read nice books….etc etc

While these are valid options, we find that their effect on our mood is not ever lasting. One feels good for sometime..and then the fear/the negativity again starts dominating in our minds.

We need something permanent…. lasting..something that we can always depend on .

For that , we need to go “within” ourselves.

Deep inside all of us ,there is a reservoir of positivity and feelings of love, peace, spiritual power ..waiting to be harnessed.

This resource never dries up.

The process to go within is what is generally known as Mediation.

Those who are practicing mediation will tell you how it gives a magical effect in turning the mood of the mind into positivity ..under ANY circumstance.

What our respected PM has done through his address last Thursday is to create a climate of collective positivity and inspiring all of us to develop a strong mental resolve to fight the menace of corona…

This is indeed the time for each one of us to go deep within…in whichever way one prefers.

Once we are in the right frame of mind, the natural  process will start protecting us ,and if need be, also  heal us

With best wishes to every one for a fearless, anxiety less, cheerful and healthy life!

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