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Dadi Janaki ( 1916-2020)

I want to share information about a unique person who has inspired me a lot for the past 30 years viz.Dadi Janaki.. She passed away last Friday (27 th March ,2020) at her age of 104 .

Here are some bullet points about her:

  • She was the Head of Brahma Kumaris, looking after the functioning of about 8500 centres spread over 140 countries.
  • She has inspired individuals of all cultures and professions to live according to a higher sense of purpose and to contribute to the creation of a better world. Deep and insightful, she was an absolute joy to listen to and observe.
  • Her teachings have provided an opportunity to see one’s life differently, act differently and treat others differently.
  • She provided simple , practical guidance on living in a more contented ,wise way.
  • Most Stable Mind in the World: Scientists at the Medical and Science research institute at the University of Texas,US, who examined Dadi’s brain wave pattern described her as “The Most Stable Mind in the world” ,as her mental state remained completely undisturbed while undergoing various tests at the Institute.
  • She was an international patron of Rights and Humanity, patron of World Congress of Faiths and a member of the Global Peace Initiative of Women.
  • Dadi was designated a “Wisdom Keeper” at two United Nations Conferences: The Earth Summit, Rio ,1992 and Habitat II, Istanbul 1996
  • She started her spiritual journey at her age of 21 with Brahma Kumaris
  • During the following decades , she undertook deep mediation practices to elevate her soul and in the process acquired a lot of wisdom about life, nature and the world.
  • Up to 1974,she spent time travelling in different parts of India and spreading message of Peace and Harmony.
  • At 60, when most would consider retirement, she took upon herself a new role…to spread the message of spirituality around the world.
  • In 1974 ,Dadi Janki arrived in London with no real idea how she would do it.
    Her task was made especially difficult as she arrived not speaking any English; with no money; and no influence whatsoever. But with God as her constant companion; she never gave up and within 20 years of being in London; had established the Brahma Kumaris as a respected; influential; worldwide organization.
  • Her average annual travel used to be 400000-500000 Kms . Despite this, she had no idea what is meant by jet lag!!. Even during 2019, at her age of 103, she travelled 72,000 kms going to places like US, Spain, UK , middle east and several parts of India!
  • A few quotes about Dadi Janki:

“I have come to know her as the Full Expression of what a human being can be”

… Luc Smits, CEO , LSI Projects Investments, UK

“ She has shown that there is another way of leading a large  organisation, not by structures and processes , nor by the power of position ,but by the power of being what she is”

    … Tex Guning, Managing Director, AkzoNobel

Although so often on the move, she has inner stillness. It is the fruit of spending long hours in the presence of the Supreme Soul”

…Dr Marcus Baybrooke, President of World Congress of Faith

“ Dadi Janki has now been my guide for more than 30 years. Her teachings, along with other teachers of the BKs gave me much joy ,improving my ability to negotiate the daily vicissitudes of newspaper work with equanimity and strength”

…Neville Hodgkinson, prior Medical and Science correspondent of The Sunday Times and Daily Mail.

May the Divine Soul continue to inspire millions and millions around the world!






One thought on “My Inspiration

  1. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    Such people come to earth to create a benchmark n and an inspiration for all of us to aspire towards.
    If we hoi polloi can take an iota of their energy n direction n shape ourselves accordingly, we ourselves n the world will all benefit….thanks for introducing me to this inspirational life

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