history linear or cyclic

Time: Is it Linear or Cyclical?

For over a century , the thinking of the world has been very strongly influenced by Darvin’s Theory of Evolution. The underlying theme is that the time is linear and over millions of years, the nature of life on the planet earth is very gradually changing in to supposedly better /stronger and fitter entities which have the wherewithal to survive adverse conditions. There is so much acceptance of this idea that people generally think that Evolution is not merely a theory but a proved fact!!.

Indeed, most people are not aware that there are well-qualified and competent scientists who hold views against the  Theory and who give scientific reasoning in support of their views.

Suffice it to say that there is a legitimate space for an alternate view of the concept of Time . The reason to bring this up at this stage is to show that a different world view is possible which can explain what is happening to this planet today.

The alternate hypothesis  is that Time is not linear , but cyclic….just as all other aspects of nature :

  • look at a day: morning , afternoon, evening, night..again morning
  • look at the lunar movement: full moon…down to no moon ….back to full moon
  • look at a year: January….to December …back to January
  • look at seasons: winter, summer, monsoon autumn..back to winter
  • look at the movement of all celestial objects :  all cyclic

We are able to perceive the above phenomenon as cycles as the cycle times in these cases are short and as such they happen several times during our life. It is not easy for us to understand Time also as cyclic , as the time to complete one cycle is way beyond our life span. In other words, we do not live long enough to see Time in its cyclic mode!

Consider this alternate hypothesis **:

The Time ,and therefore the world that we live in , moves in cycles.

The main parameter which determines the course of this cycle is the prevalent Value System during the different parts of the cycle..

Everything begins in a pure/perfect way and deteriorates over a period of time .

The world also begins in a pure /perfect form .

Let us run through various phases of this cycle: (also signifying the importance of Swastika)


Phase 1: Golden Age /Satyug:

  • people follow the highest value system .. the original qualities of a soul ,like peace/love/purity /harmony are all on display in their interactions with each other as also with the nature.
  • the result is pure flowing water, very pure air, green surroundings ..word ‘pollution’ is not known !
  • Value system is the unifying factor…there are NO RELIGIONS!! No compartmentalisation !
  • overall, a very happy life for everyone

Phase 2: Silver Age /Treta Yug:

  • more or less similar situation as in phase 1, except for some deterioration in every aspect with flow of time ,as there is slight degradation in values people hold

Phase 3: Copper Age/Dwapar Yug

  • at this stage ,a person forgets that s/he is the soul ,operating the body. S/he starts becoming only body conscious. In the process, the original qualities of love /peace/purity start getting merged.
  • what becomes dominant are the new set of characteristics related to body consciousness ..like lust/anger/greed/attachment and ego.
  • the result of these tendencies is conflicts between individuals and with different groups
  • due to the dominance of these Ravanik tendencies, a person loses peace /harmony /love and starts seeking these outside.
  • to satisfy these desires, various religions surface in different parts of the world..Buddhism/Jainism/Islam .Christianity etc etc.
  • while the purpose of the religion was to provide peace and harmony, over a period of time the Ravanik tendencies led to large scale conflicts amongst different regions and nations
  • if you notice, all these religions have started only in the last 2500 years

Phase 4: iron Age/ Kali Yug:

  • faster erosion of values in all walks of life
  • strife, tensions, hate, jealousy seen all around
  • science provides all materialistic attractions
  • while innovations are for the good of mankind , the lack of values ensure that they are used for wrong purposes , creating miseries for peopl

Ultimate stage of the cycle:

  • we are fast approaching the ultimate stage of the cycle
  • huge degradation of values…the core values are taking complete back seat
  • ego centric and self centred  behaviours  at the Zenith, in all sections of the society ,starting from the so called   leaders

What we are seeing today is the  consequence of the cumulative effect of all the value less behaviours over hundreds of years.

At this rate, we will see disaster after disaster, of one kind or another in the next 20-30 years.

An encouraging development amongst all this gloom is that a section of people, however small in numbers, have started looking at the futility of this unending race in the pursuit of  materialistic pleasures. They have started realising the need for ‘looking inwards’ ..and going back to the core/innate values. Time is coming when the Values will again be valued.

While the major part of the world is moving toward self annihilation, the above set of people will reach a critical mass and will enable complete transformation in to a value based society.

We would have reached the start of a new cycle …and reappearance of the Golden Age/Sat Yug..and that of the core values of Love/Peace/Harmony etc.

Let us be a part of this small group and be responsible in bringing that New Age , for the benefit of every one.


** based on the understanding i have got from Brahmakumaris.











4 thoughts on “history linear or cyclic

  1. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    JL thanks for a nice piece…..has come in very handy as I am undergoing a course in Living Philosophy conducted by New Acropolis School and last 2 weekly classes we have been deliberating on cycles and time….so your article reemphasizes the concepts we covered in School.
    Do you know Plato talked of 4 types of Man….Gold who is closest to Values and so shines by himself….Silver man who has to keep polishing himself but has his base in Gold but is also close to Copper n Iron.The Copper Man trying to rise while the Iron man is far from values n only bothered about material…the Sthula….as Indian philosophy posits.
    I find it most interesting that Greek philosophers like Plato Socrates n Stoics resonate with the concepts expressed in Vedi. Indian philosophy. So far in space n time but bound together in thought….this is because fundamental truths n basic principles are beyond time space n civilization.
    Yes the only hope lies in people going closer to values n fundamental principles ..becoming Men of Gold….that alone will bring us into Sat yug.
    Carona is a wake up call to re evaluate our living style

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      VS: What you have shared about Plato’s description of 4 types of men is absolutely amazing ! I had no idea about it. Your observation that the fundamental truth and basic principles are beyond time/space horizon is on the dot!

      i also admire your ability to quickly retrieve relevant points from your vast readings!

      thanks a lot for your input!

  2. Nikhil says:

    Jagdish bhai

    Time can be defined on a

    Spiritual Dimension

    A Mathametical dimension

    A Philosophical dimension

    Perhaps one can postulate that it could be a combination of the three.

    Your blog does help in exploring this fascinating concept of time.


    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Nikhilbhai for your perspective on Time.

      i will appreciate some elaboration on Time as on mathematical and philosophical dimensions

      where does Evolution fall in these dimensions?

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