Incomplete Education

Formal education aims to prepare an individual to stand on her own feet in her adulthood.

In a way the education system has been reasonably successful . The system has generated engineers, doctors, scientists, artists, lawyers, mathematicians , managers, mechanics,  plumbers, fitters, wiremen…the list is long. They have been able to earn their livelihood in a varying degree ,depending upon several factors, including their own efforts.

We see scientists and engineers finding solutions to some real difficult problems . We see lawyers arguing incessantly and making their clients happy. We see executives managing great companies and in the process enhancing the shareholder values to unprecedented levels.

In the process, they also earn handsome remuneration for themselves ..which they very well deserve.

The question we need to ask is : is the aim of the education ONLY to prepare a person to be able to earn a living?  Is there nothing else in life, for which also s/he needs to be prepared?

Do we not hear of a CEO committing suicide as he is unable manage the stress ?

Do we not hear of a bank chairman ‘looting’ the bank money and finally getting arrested?

Do we not hear of some high ranking executives misbehaving with their female colleagues ..and getting fired in the process?

Do we not hear of some high profile names indulging in insider trading to earn some extra bucks?

Do we not know how children of the some of the ‘highly successful’ persons fall in to depression and become drug addicts?

And we surely know of very high profile couples going to courts for a protracted divorce case!

Has our education prepared them to face these situations in Life?

Does our education teach us to be honest? be respectful of the rights of the others?

Does our education teach us to be emotionally strong to face any challenge that the life may offer?

Does our education teach us how to make the right balance between professional and personal life?

We all know that the answers to the above questions are CLEAR NO!

Indeed our education prepares us for earning ..not for a happy living !

Let us ponder over these !

I would welcome some thoughts on what needs to be done.





13 thoughts on “Incomplete Education

  1. Ashwin Shah says:

    “ART of LIVING “….may be made and deviced as a compulsory subject right from KG level to PG/phd level on the basis of age of a person from say 4 years upto 25 years of age irrespective of branch/ discipline of academic study.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      i fully agree.

      ‘Art of living’ goes much beyond the ‘art of earning’!

      that is the real need.

      Thanks for your inputs

  2. Nikhil Buch says:

    Education is a western concept. It focusses on the process of diseminating information & some times insights.

    Perhaps the focus should be on the sanskrit word adapted in various Indian languages.i.e Vidya

    The two concepts are vastly different

    While one gets educated .. something akin to getting instructed…. vidya ne paamvi pade.

    In one case the person plays a passive role and is generally in a receiving mode.

    In the other the person is in the imbibing mode.

    As one progresses along these paths the process of chintan begins early in the process & sustains through out life when one is in the process of imbibing vidya..

    The subject of education is a student while one who acquires vidya is referred to as a vidyarthi..a person who combines meaning with knowledge…

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      The way you have distinguished between a Vidyarthi and a Student is beautiful. Yes, indeed in our older traditions, Vidya covered a much wider canvas and the values used to be imbibed through very respectful relationships between “Guru” and “Shishya”.

      what we see today are all the ill effects of we ,as a society , having been uprooted from our original roots..due mainly to the influence brought by foreign invasions.

      We following them blindly means the continuance of the mental slavery .

      Time has come to claim our real independence and start valuing the gems of our tradition, while simultaneously remaining open to the new frontiers that the west is pursuing.

      it has to be a conscious balance.

      the society has to wake up to his need.

      thanks Nikhilbhai for your inputs

  3. Vikas Shirodkar says:

    JL education in the Greek times was defined by Plato as horizontal n vertical. Horizontal was the gathering of knowledge of how things work n the things that surround us. The What n How if you will In the Greek tradition with this the eduction was never complete. Vertical education was about values, principles, ethics, morality, being good. Noble thoughts that will drive noble action. Responsibility for Society n my fellow being. The Why, if you will. Which would help you rise as a human n reach your full potential.

    The Engrs n Lawyers if today from our present system are only focussed on the What n How. Vertical education is missing. That is why we have individuals focussed on self gain to the detriment of Society.

    Plato put it beautifully….Man you are God, but you have forgotten it…

    Education must be comprehensive n help us become God…..till then even that stupid being upstairs Allah, Ram, Jesus cannot help us

    PS sorry thoda jyada gyan ho Gaya…just finished zhadu pota….so taking out my angst in this way

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      VS: May you continue your zhadu pota chore regularly! it brings out great thinking, as i can see from your response!

      what you have shared about the horizontal and vertical aspects of the education system in Greek times is very interesting.

      if i combine your observations with what Nikhilbhai has responded, it is clear that in olden times , in both the societies, the integration of “vertical” with “Horizontal” was considered essential. Weren’t they much smarter than us in knowing about the REAL need that education is supposed to cater to ?

      “Vertical” is what is missing completely today and needs to be added in some way!

      You seem to be working on a PhD on Plato! I often see you quoting his wisdom .. his ideas are on the top of your mind..waiting to come out!!

      there is nothing”jyada” !. Mine was an open invite to share whatever you consider significant to the topic. ..and that is what you have done!

      thanks very much!

      • Vikas Shirodkar says:

        Zahe Naseeb Zahe Karam
        I am totally taken in by the wide ranging subjects the Plato Socrates Aristotle triumvirate touched.
        While sweeping was considered meditative in Buddhist tradition, I for one am keen for the lockdown to end and our Bai to return.
        Till then pl indulge me

  4. Dinesh Arya says:

    Jagdishbhai two thoughts
    1-Even Lord Ram needed a Guru or mentor. In our early education there needs to be a mentor for a group of children in a given class who will guide the children on values.
    2-Our history of Ramayan, Mahabharat and other Surajya periods needs to be included as part of history as well as in languages.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Dinesh for your input.
      Both the points are well taken.

      The challenges would be :

      1. preparing sufficient number of mentors with the right frame of mind
      2. the ‘secularist ‘ will resist a move to include stories from Ramayan etc. To be fair, we can include similar stories related to several regions which emphasise the virtues of a value based life

  5. Dinesh Arya says:

    Let us consider starting jointly a platform for mentors. These will be the senior and retired but not tired teachers.
    I think let us not worry about psuedo secularists and do what is right.

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      sorry Dinesh for a very late response…i had some technical issue with my blog site and could not access for a long time.
      i saw this comment only now!

      i am in favour of your proposal to start a platform for mentors.

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