Are You Positive?

Are you Positive?

Suddenly this question has become scary!

All these years, we have been advising everyone to be Positive!

And now no one wants to be branded “Positive”!

If you are “Positive” ,I don’t want to be in your company!

What a change that Covid has brought!

Indeed, there is a need to understand the linkage between the ‘positive’ Positive and the ‘negative’ Positive!

The ‘positive’ Positive is the state of Mind , while the ‘negative’ Positive is the state of the Body .

If one keeps a Positive state of mind, there is a good chance that the body test will be what we want : Negative

It has become very challenging, however, to remain positive mentally, when we are bombarded with negative news, 24*7.

It is ,of course, important to know about what is happening around us.

It is imperative that we decide on our actions in light of those information.

But it should be NOTHING more than that !

The negativity starts living in my mind when I start deeply thinking about it.

And more I think, more intense is the feeling associated with it

This starts affecting our immune system

It becomes weak…

And creates a ground for my body to lose the fight against the  virus ..

And turn Negative

The effect of Mind on Body  is very well accepted by modern science.

Secretion of various hormones which make us mentally strong and positive are triggered by various actions:

  • Physical exercise prompts Endorphin secretion which is a natural pain killer
  • Sense of appreciation leads to Dopamine secretion…a ‘feel good’ hormone
  • If you help someone  in a self-less way, you are sure to produce Serotonin…….which generates feeling of ‘well being’
  • If you show genuine love and kindness… Oxytocin secretion is initiated. It is popularly known as ‘love hormone’

These hormones help build a strong immune system

So let the print media, TV channels, social media do what they want…

We take only what is required.

Spend rest of the time in producing  nice hormones

And be Positive….. in the right way!





10 thoughts on “Are You Positive?

  1. Vikas shirodkar says:

    JL simple yet practical idea expressed. As a student of Psychology one grew up on the body mind connection and I have been a big believer in the theory of “vibrations”….negative thoughts create negative vibrations n they affect you well being. As do negative people, negative companies, n negative vibrations. Yes difficult to be positive, but that is the only way out of this vicious circle of negativity

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks VS. Being a student of science, i had difficulty accepting this concept of ‘vibrations’. For a long time, i thought these are all just imaginations…but over time , i have understood their significance. A simple example which i always quote is : why a physical meeting is far more effective than a video conference ? In the online event you have sound/images /pics everything..and still something is missing …which is the vibes that one can feel in the physical proximity!
      thanks again!

  2. Arati Vora says:

    Very aptly said Jagdishbhai. These hormones are indeed a backbone of our healthy mind and body. Vibrations sent forth from this positivity will only bring positive healing to the world

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      thanks Aratiben for your comments!Micro little quantity of hormones play a huge role in our well being and mood swings.

  3. Rakesh Chauhan says:

    Very aptly put sir. A positive mindset not only mends one’s self esteem it also turbo charges self confidence. When you start loving yourself, magic happens around you. Positivity breeds love and compassion and in our own little way we make this world a better place to live

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Rakesh for your remarks…What you have written seems to be based out of your personal experience with the power of positivity and hence there is an air of authenticity.!

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