Where Are We Headed?

Where are we headed?

We are passing through an unprecedented crisis.

Large sections of population , around the world ,are suffering.

People are dying in numbers that were unimaginable some months back. The near and dear ones have  no possibility to provide any help, despite their strong desire to do so.

They are not even able to pay their last respects to the deceased body!

There is agony , frustration , helplessness and depression on a scale never seen before.

And all authorities seem to have failed…be it the central government, the state governments, political parties , religious organisations, social organisations..you name it ..and they have proved to be unequal to the task on hand!  They all are falling far short of the abilities needed at this time.

Where do we go?

When all the support systems fall apart, when we have exhausted all ‘visible’ options, we turn to God..the Almighty..

Often , people feel that it is God ,the Almighty whose wrath is the cause of this level of tragedy.

Let us understand: God is an “Ocean of Love”..recall that lovely song.. “तू प्यार का सागर है”

Can He ever create this kind of misfortune for His children?….Unthinkable!!

The issue is that we all have moved far far away from leading a value based life. We have  time and again compromised on values for short term gains. Often, a person does not bid an eyelid in harming others for personal gains and gratification. The “Ravanik” approach to lust, greed, anger, attachment and ego have led us to amassing a huge burden of “karmic accounts” on our souls. We all are now at the receiving end…

It is still not late…what we are seeing today is the “final” wake up call.

Two sets of actions are needed, to secure an acceptable future, once the current wave of tragedy dies down and when the life again looks like becoming normal (how it appeared after November/December last year):

  1. Let us make determined efforts to bring values in our actions. The least that we can do is ,never to cause harm to anyone (including Mother Nature) in the pursuit of our selfish/personal benefits .. On the surface, our behaviour may look fine ..we feel we are doing our best.. This requires quite deeper thinking about in what all  ways we may be harming others, often unknowingly.
  2. Let us understand God’s role in our lives. He has made it clear in Gita, by telling Arjun: “I will not fight for you. I will, however, guide you to take the right actions.”. In other words, God does not interfere in our actions. He only provides guidance. It is for us to follow His advice. As mentioned earlier ,God is the Ocean of Love. While He has certainly not caused these tragic events, He is always ready to help us to face the challenges. The Supreme has mentioned twice in Gita:  मनमनाभव  (“Direct your Mind to Me”…) We need to mentally  connect to Him. Once we do that , His energy starts flowing in to our souls and provides loveful support in reducing the negative effect of our past karmas.

 “Kumbhkarna” ( कुम्भकर्ण )  needed  loudest possible noise around for him to wake up. The events that we see  are the high decibel sounds of sorrow to wake up the  कुम्भकर्ण   within each of us.

It is said : “ It is only when we wake up that we realise that we were sleeping”

Let us realise the damage that we have done to ourselves in the ‘sleep of ignorance’.

Let us wake up to the realities of life.

I can never be happy for long, by making someone else unhappy.

Let us ensure long term happiness.. by righteous actions..as advised by every religion!!!







4 thoughts on “Where Are We Headed?

  1. Vikas shirodkar says:

    Very well written. Logical flow. Simple yet powerful imagery.
    Strongly agree with your no 1 action….it is high time to introspect n bring propriety n values in our lives. That would significantly impact the frustration n negativity surrounding us today

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      thanks VS

      i agree..action 1 itself can have significant positive impact

      Action 2 may not be palatable to every one..as over there, we are entering in to a delicate issue of individual’s faith. It is best left to an individual’s own belief system . The only point i personally feel is that every one needs some support system which can provide mental anchoring in times of difficulties. i am aware ,though, that such requirement,may be perceived as an individual’s weakness…

      Therein lies the real taste..of diversity of all well meaning views !

      thanks again

  2. Vivek Gadre says:

    Very logical. Your compassion, concern for humanity and the genuine nature of the feelings is very obvious. Let us hope that this tragedy impacts our thoughts and behaviour in a positive manner not just now but even beyond the pandemic

    • Jagdish Shah
      Jagdish Shah says:

      Thanks Vivek for catching the key intention in writing the article. You are right..if we manage to remain positive even in such a tragic situation, remaining in a positive state post the pandemic will be far easier ..and will be good for all of us!

      thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts!

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